Where novelty, sophistication and artistry merge.

Eloquence & Company is a boutique branding studio specializing in writing, photography, design & events.


Reeanna Scott | Founder/ Creative Director

With her background pursuing the art of journalism, fashion and photography in the whimsical city of London, Reeanna founded Eloquence & Company with the desire to utilize her professional experience and creative passions in a way that would heighten the beauty of existing brands and cultivate compelling stories for those up-and-coming. She earned her bachelor's of arts in journalism and has since established herself as a author, photographer and content creator for numerous magazine and media outlets, including New York's Mode Media. When she's not indulging in creative arts, you can find her being a mommy to her ventursome son, Landon Harbor.



Alyson Ellena | Founder/ Studio Manager

Alyson is a creative intellect who has been professionally been teaching art and photography for over eight years and is currently pursing her master's in both. Her portfolio has been built as an author, photographer and artist with her abstract paintings sold at a local Denver acupuncture office and articles frequently featured by Mode Media. Eloquence & Company sparked from the desire to collaborate with brands and cultivate stories that resonate. After business hours, you'll likely find her sipping on a great cup of coffee or strolling through a local antique shop. Above all, her deepest love is found for her daughter, Harper Rose.